Friday, May 13, 2011

Why Libertarians are Right and Communists are Wrong about Natural Rights

Interesting bit of philosophizing by Gene Callahan over at the Crash Landing blog. Basically, the argument is that everybody views natural rights differently. Libertarians see property rights as natural rights whereas communists reject that notion, so either way one of us would have to impose our views onto the other through force. Two reasons why libertarians have this right.

  1. Economies based on property rights flourish because they don't run against the grain of human nature and...
  2. If you went into a communist's house and tried to "share" his stuff, he'd be the first to throw you out. Once again, that's just human nature.
Of course, in an ideal world, all of us could just pick up and leave, setting out to create and find political systems that work for us and other like minded people. Us libertarians could have our property rights and communists can live together just stealing from each other.

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