Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pasadena's New Bearcat G3 is Overkill

Here is my letter to the editor concerning Pasadena, TX's requisition of this vehicle.
To the Editor,

Looking at the Pasadena City Council photo op with the new Bearcat G3, I was both disappointed and dismayed. There is no legitimate domestic police function for this vehicle. 

Unfortunately, this type of vehicle is commonly used in SWAT raids to serve drug warrants. A tactic that inserts volatility into an otherwise peaceful police activity. Most recently a 26 year old combat veteran, Jose Guerena, after having survived two tours in Iraq, was shot dead, in his own home, by 60 bullets at close range during such a SWAT raid. 

They found no drugs.

The only thing the Bearcat G3 is good for is waging war. And judging by the smiles on the city council's faces, they feel comfortable with doing just that on their own citizens.

Brandon Leger


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