Friday, May 13, 2011

What Romney Should Have Said...

"My healthcare plan, commonly referred to as Romneycare, was a state solution to a federal problem. For decades now, states have been forced into a mandated regulatory framework that has put on them undue burden and has been the major contributor to soaring costs. "

"As a governor, I could not change federal law, only state law. So within that context, I set out to create the most market driven healthcare solution I could think of, with statutory language that would roughly mimic what you would have in a perfectly competitive marketplace. It was not the perfect solution but we thought it would alleviate some of the pressure on our citizens from the federal mandates. We were wrong. I was wrong."

"It is true that the number of uninsured have gone down but by every other metric Romneycare has been a failure. Longer wait times, more emergency room use, costs rising higher than even in the rest of the nation. That's why we should begin to do what I originally wanted to do and begin repealing federal healthcare laws and mandates."

"Start by repealing Obamacare and Medicare Part D, mistakes from both parties. Then begin working our way through old laws, worn out laws. Open up the market. Insurance across not only state lines but international boundaries. A world market for pharmaceuticals. Any and all ideas on the table to unleash the competitive forces of capitalism. Sorry, Massachusetts, about my plan. Now we know this problen can't be solved by states while the federal government is strangling them. Thank you."

Of course, he would have been completely BSing but at least it would make sense.

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