Thursday, May 19, 2011

Before You Thank a Police Officer...

Ask if he supports the war on drugs...
the costs?
Or is he in denial?
Is he a hypocrite?

Ask if he believes a crime is a crime, even for colleagues...
that kidnap and rape?
that lie under oath?
that murder?
that steal?
Or will he remain silent?
Will he tell himself that he's just doing his job?

Will he silence the First Amendment?
Will he holster the Second Amendment?
Will he trespass the Fourth Amendment?
Will he deceive the Fifth Amendment?
Will he slow the Sixth Amendment?
Will he double tap the Seventh Amendment?
Will he torment the Eighth Amendment?

Ask him if he believes that he's above the law...

And if he answers, "No,"
Then... shake his hand.

This poem is dedicated to all the police officers who take their roles as public servants and defenders of individual liberty seriously. Those whose oath to protect and defend the Constitution means they'll fight against others that seek to do harm to it. Who understand the meaning of natural rights and Constitutionally protected rights. Officers who aren't afraid to break through the blue wall of silence. Those that can go to sleep at night without having to tell themselves that they're "just doing their job." Thank you for your service.

Two such organizations that I know of are LEAP and the Oath Keepers. If you know of more, please post so that they can get the credit they deserve.

This poem is a response to this story coming out during National Police Officer Appreciation Week. Jose Guerena, age 26, survived two tours in Iraq only to be killed by a local SWAT team during a drug sweep. They found no drugs on his property. Jose is another innocent victim in the drug war.

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