Saturday, May 7, 2011

Confirmed: Stimulus was payoff. Duh!

The NEA's political action committee have endorsed President Barack Obama. (Do click the link, the title says it all.) This is not only before their is a Republican candidate but before there is even a full Republican primary field. The PAC usually makes their endorsement during the annual meeting in the year of the actual election. The next meeting is in July 2012. I wonder is their is a reason for this unprecedented move:
The stimulus package passed early in the president’s tenure sent $150 billion in new federal spending to school districts and universities. Then when that funding dried up in the summer of 2010, the White House and congressional Democrats moved to fill in the gap, approving $10 billion to prevent teacher layoffs as part of a $26 billion package in state aid...“The stimulus saved a ton of their members' jobs and the extension of state money last year has kept a ton of their members in the states employed," the [Democratic] operative said.
Oh yeah...

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